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2009-04-14 12:07 pm
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Testing :)

Hey folks,

I will try a short intro post, and starting from scratch. Just some quick facts about me. The first and most important is that I'm in love with Art. If I have to stop for a day and not draw or do anything, I feel sick and I start to shake. Art is my personal drog, my life, and I never thought we would get this close.

I have a Msc. in Architecture and I love designing. Currently I live in London but my home will always be Budapest, Hungary when I grew up.

I'm friendly and open minded. I am involved with fandoms, mostly Supernatural and I'm thankful for it, because it gave me amazing people and more amazing friends to be with.

You might now me from LJ:nyaubaby and from my comm LJ:bite_my_muse.

Drop a note if you want ;)