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Testing :)

Hey folks,

I will try a short intro post, and starting from scratch. Just some quick facts about me. The first and most important is that I'm in love with Art. If I have to stop for a day and not draw or do anything, I feel sick and I start to shake. Art is my personal drog, my life, and I never thought we would get this close.

I have a Msc. in Architecture and I love designing. Currently I live in London but my home will always be Budapest, Hungary when I grew up.

I'm friendly and open minded. I am involved with fandoms, mostly Supernatural and I'm thankful for it, because it gave me amazing people and more amazing friends to be with.

You might now me from LJ:nyaubaby and from my comm LJ:bite_my_muse.

Drop a note if you want ;)
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*waves* :D
diner: (Paul Rudd is too sexy for joo.)

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diner: (MacGyver \o/)

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Yes we should, I'll kidnap J... uh I mean... I'll bake a cake!
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I'm bumbling around over here, looking for names familiar from LJ--I'm arliss over there. Mind if I friend you?
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Hi :) I'm running the [community profile] wincest comm here on DW. I've been messing around with the layout today and I was hoping I could use one of your pieces of art as the header??

I know it's maybe bad form to use the art before asking, but I've put it up at the moment, just to see how it would work (I'm still getting to grips with the coding for the layouts here). I've credited you on the profile page, but I'm more than happy to take it down if you don't like the way it's been used.

I was actually about to ask on your lj before I realised that you were already over here!

Anyway, please let me know what you think... and like I said, if you aren't happy I'll take it down straight away.
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>.< I fail miserably at anything artistic. So yes, yes please I'd love for you to crop it so it looks better. Adding the comm name would be wonderful!

It would be really helpful if you could make a header that's 1022px wide. I ended up coding the layout pretty much from scratch, so I can change the width if I need to, but it would be easier if I didn't have to. The height isn't so important. I think it's currently about 350px, but you can change that if it helps.

Thank you ♥
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you probably do't know me cause I wasn't over at lj but here's my spewl...

characters: Dean, Sam, Ruby, Castiel, and Bobby
pairings: Dean/Me, Dean/Ruby, Sam/Ruby, Castiel/Ruby

Gossip Girl:
characters: Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Dorota
pairings:Nate/Serena, Chuck/Blair, Blair/Serena

One Tree Hill:
characters: Brooke, Sam, Jamie and Julian
pairings: well obviously with those three above who do you think??

Friday Night Lights:
characters: Julie, Mrs. Coach, Mr. Coach, Matt, Lyla, Street, Riggins
pairings: Matt/Julie, Riggins/Lyla, Mr. Coach/Mrs.Coach

The Big Bang Theory:
characters: Love Them All!!!!!!

characters: Katie, Effy, Emily, Naomi
pairings: Emily/Naomi

characters: Peter, Walter, Olivia
pairings: Olivia/Peter

characters: Clark, Lois, Chloe,
pairings: Clark/Chloe, Lois/Clark

characters: Naomi, Adrienna, Silver

How I met Your Mother
characters; Robin Sherbatski, Barney Stinson
pairings: Barney/Robin

Other Females Loves: Brittany Snow, Taylor Swift, Katie Cassidy, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Stroup, Anna Lynne McCord, Minka Kelly, Audrina Patridge, Natalie Dormer

Other Males Loves: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jensen Ackles, Gavin DeGraw, Ed Westwick, Tayor Kitsch, Chace Crawford, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins,

Other fandoms: Sopranoes, Stephen King, Veronica Mars, Heroes, Bones, House, Legally Blonde The Musical, Wicked, Disney Movies!